Move witness disk in SQL cluster

I ran into the issue where CAU (Cluster Aware Updating) was working as intended, but on my SQL cluster, this meant that the SQL cluster disks were still available in the Failover Cluster, but the witness disk was active on the non-active node. Which meant that if I did queries on the cluster, it would … Continue reading Move witness disk in SQL cluster

Writing to a SQL database

Last week I needed to store information in a SQL database, so I can share certain user account information with a select group of users in the helpdesk department, but they shouldn't have access to the AD itself. So I decided that a SQL database was the way to go and I can create a … Continue reading Writing to a SQL database

Creating an ODBC connection

With Powershell 4 on Windows 8 and 2012, they've improve the support for ODBC connections. You just need to import the Wdac module to be able to use the different ODBC functions. Get-Command *ODBC* shows the following functions: Add-OdbcDsn Disable-OdbcPerfCounter Enable-OdbcPerfCounter Get-OdbcDriver Get-OdbcDsn Get-OdbcPerfCounter Remove-OdbcDsn Set-OdbcDriver Set-OdbcDsn For instance, if you were to create a … Continue reading Creating an ODBC connection