Writing to a SQL database

Last week I needed to store information in a SQL database, so I can share certain user account information with a select group of users in the helpdesk department, but they shouldn't have access to the AD itself. So I decided that a SQL database was the way to go and I can create a … Continue reading Writing to a SQL database

Creating an ODBC connection

With Powershell 4 on Windows 8 and 2012, they've improve the support for ODBC connections. You just need to import the Wdac module to be able to use the different ODBC functions. Get-Command *ODBC* shows the following functions: Add-OdbcDsn Disable-OdbcPerfCounter Enable-OdbcPerfCounter Get-OdbcDriver Get-OdbcDsn Get-OdbcPerfCounter Remove-OdbcDsn Set-OdbcDriver Set-OdbcDsn For instance, if you were to create a … Continue reading Creating an ODBC connection