Get list of intune managed devices

I used to use scripts from the microsoft graph powershell intune samples, but getting a list of all intune managed devices took a long time and automation was a pain in the (you know what). That was, until I started using the Microsoft.Graph.Intune module. Though, once your organisation goes over 1000 devices, you might get … Continue reading Get list of intune managed devices

Move witness disk in SQL cluster

I ran into the issue where CAU (Cluster Aware Updating) was working as intended, but on my SQL cluster, this meant that the SQL cluster disks were still available in the Failover Cluster, but the witness disk was active on the non-active node. Which meant that if I did queries on the cluster, it would … Continue reading Move witness disk in SQL cluster

Move images based on dimension

A while ago I created a script to copy the Windows 10 lock screen images, this puts all the files in 1 directory. I wanted to sort those images based on their dimensions, so I move them to two different folders, one called "landscape" and one called "portrait". The script is pretty easy, first I … Continue reading Move images based on dimension

Add user(s) to group(s) – GUI

I needed a script to add multiple users to multiple groups. It is a task I needed to do several times and will need to do this many more times in the future as well. So I decided to create a nice little script (with GUI) to help me and my colleagues with executing this … Continue reading Add user(s) to group(s) – GUI

Get Remote Desktop Services info

I wanted to have a way to document my Remote Dekstop Services environment (Connection broker, Session Host, Gateway, Remote Applications), thus I created a script that does just that. In case of the script I'm sharing here, this will create exports to CSV for the different items. These are the exports: RDRServersAndRoles.csv - Export of … Continue reading Get Remote Desktop Services info

Copy AD group members

I needed to copy AD group members to another AD group, if they didn't already exist in the target group. This is very plain and simple script you can run the script and add -SourceGroup "group name" -DestinationGroup "destination group", or omit those and the script will ask you for it (since they are mandatory). … Continue reading Copy AD group members

Exchange powershell .Value.toMB()

If you run exchange powershell, you have the ability to use .Value.toMB() ie. on the ProhibitSendQuota value, or on the IssueWarningQuota, to recalculate this value to MB's instead of bytes (and it omits the GB addition). But if you create a (remote) session to Exchange powershell, this functionality stops working. To create a (remote) session … Continue reading Exchange powershell .Value.toMB()

Change mailbox language

I needed a script to set the mailbox language and also change the DefaultFolderNames to that language. This can be done by a nice one-liner Get-Mailbox "MailboxName" | Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration -LocalizeDefaultFolderName:$true -Language 1031 -TimeZone "W. Europe Standard Time" You have to change "MailboxName" to the name of the mailbox. In this case it will change the … Continue reading Change mailbox language

Get ACLs on non-inherited folders

I needed a (nice) way to document all non-inherited ACLs (access control lists) on a folder. I wanted this to be exported as a CSV file with a delimiter of my choice. I also wanted to add a log file, in case of any error or strange behavior I could find out what, or where … Continue reading Get ACLs on non-inherited folders

Get AD RDS Profile information

I needed to get information which is located in the AD user information, which is located on the tab "Remote Dekstop Services Profile", which gives the user Profile Path, Home Folder drive and location of the Home Folder on the network (see image below). AD user RDS Profile tab I also wanted to check if … Continue reading Get AD RDS Profile information