Get Remote Desktop Services info

I wanted to have a way to document my Remote Dekstop Services environment (Connection broker, Session Host, Gateway, Remote Applications), thus I created a script that does just that. In case of the script I'm sharing here, this will create exports to CSV for the different items. These are the exports: RDRServersAndRoles.csv - Export of … Continue reading Get Remote Desktop Services info

Get ACLs on non-inherited folders

I needed a (nice) way to document all non-inherited ACLs (access control lists) on a folder. I wanted this to be exported as a CSV file with a delimiter of my choice. I also wanted to add a log file, in case of any error or strange behavior I could find out what, or where … Continue reading Get ACLs on non-inherited folders

Writing to Excel

Background About a year ago I started writing things to Excel with PowerShell, based on the information I found on an MSDN blog - Create Excel file with PowerShell I wasn’t quite satisfied, though. I wanted some more formatting (specifically: change the top row behavior). It was somewhat frustrating to not be able to get … Continue reading Writing to Excel

Get all (non-default) scheduled tasks

I tried querying the scheduled tasks to give me a list of all (non-default) scheduled tasks. I also wanted to have its schedule information, which appeared to be a pretty hard task in the get-service command. After several unsuccessful attempts, I tried something else with great and immediate results. It appeared that the schtasks did … Continue reading Get all (non-default) scheduled tasks

Get all non-default Windows services

Getting a list of all services isn't that hard. This can be achieved with Get-Service or with Get-WmiObject win32_service. It seems that Get-Service doesn't leave me with enough properties to query and/or filter out, and this time the Get-WmiObject queries work quick enough; thus I'll use this for my code. I wanted a list of all … Continue reading Get all non-default Windows services