Vossenburcht – Blogs about TFS and Visual Studio

Pelzer consulting – This is the guy that shared the AnalyzeRobocopyLog VBS script on which I based my powershell version of this script. He offers other tools and scripts as well.

Thomas Lee’s Formatting with Powershell – Great blog about powershell formatting

PowerShell Pro – Variables, Arrays and Hash Tables – Great blog (unfortunately not available anymore, but the wayback machine has a nice capture of it)

IT Idea – Powershell Foreach vs ForEach Object – Blog about speed and difference of both variants.

Guillaume Bordier’s blog: Powershell and writing files – Blog about speed for different methods of writing information to files

Carl Webster’s scripts and other utilities – download section – lot’s of scripts on documentation with powershell on different types of environments (i.e. vSphere, AD, DNS, DHCP, XenApp etc.)

Powershell links

Powershell 1.0 on technet 

Robocopy related

Copy files with progress bar

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